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Pet-friendly holiday accommodation for a holiday with a dog.

You want to travel with your four-legged friend? Go on a hiking holiday with your dog? With around 1,200 kilometres of hiking trails, Saxon Switzerland is one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Germany. One particularly beautiful hiking trail is the Malerweg in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.
Schöna Castle is located on the 6th stage of the Malerweg. A route leads from the house via the Aschersteig to the highest elevation in the region “Großer Zschirnstein”, where hikers and four-legged friends are rewarded with a breathtaking view (please leash dogs). If you don’t want to hike all the way there, you can aim for the Kaiserkrone or the easily accessible Zirkelstein and take a break at the Gasthaus Zirkelstein in between.
Your dog should be socially compatible, have no problems with large groups of people and with other dogs. For hikes, the animal should be in good physical condition. Please choose your route carefully and pay attention to the weather forecast. For tours that include a climbing component, plan well in advance. The right equipment and luggage also require a certain amount of preparation. Please also be prepared for possible dangerous situations (game, grazing animals, rocks).